Saturday, March 3, 2012

Liberal Typicals

Reading HuffPo comments and then writing a blog post is a lot like drunk-calling your ex. It's generally just a bad idea.

I have to start out by saying that my sister is a 'Liberal' or 'Progressive' and yeah, she always knows what I need to do to fix my life. But I love my sister. And she is a good person, and caring and all. And she's the one who inspired me to try to figure out this whole 'liberal' thing. Heads up - I'm going to stop putting liberal in quotes as, from this point on, quotes will be implied.

So I don't think I've got this thing solved or anything. I haven't defined liberals. I just have a list of some of the characteristics that liberals seem to possess.

But the thing I'm trying to articulate now - and I've been thinking a while about this - is the seemingly flexible morals of those on the left. All it takes is the right rhetoric. If you can phrase it the right way, a person can commit any atrocity, and the left will call it good.

As an example: I think that taxation is theft (or extortion). If you take money that does not belong to you, that's theft. But if you call it taxation, that makes it ok for the left. I've got more on this taxation topic, but I'll save it for later.

The left is all against murder, but call it abortion and it's all good! I'd bet if you called it "population control" they go for that too. Now I don't have a dog in that abortion fight, and I'm damned glad I've never had to make that choice. And while I've got more to say on the abortion topic, those things do nothing to elucidate the point I'm trying to make now, so they can wait.

I think slavery is wrong and evil and so does the left. Just get any one of them started on "civil rights" and my point will be proved. But call it mandatory civil service - and they'll be all for it.

So one of my liberal typicals is a flexible morality that can be easily persuaded by the proper rhetoric.

And, to add just a bit to this observation, what seems to really piss these people off, are others who will not do the same. If you won't compromise your principles, then you just don't care about ... whatever it happens to be. But I think that belongs in a new point.

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