Monday, January 30, 2012

Ron Paul at the Renaissance Denver Hotel

Tomorrow at 12:00 to 1:00 P.M. I'll be there and I'll try to get video. I'm pretty sure I know what he's going to say, but I don't mind hearing it again. I just hope it's not too crowded. Ron Paul Rocks!

UPDATE: Video embedded -
So I went, and they say there were over 1000 people there.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gracias a Marti

Este es un asunto serio. Como he dicho antes: si Thomas Jefferson tenía razón, y "el precio de la libertad es la eterna vigilancia", pues, entonces, podríamos estar jodidos. Yo desde luego no ha estado prestando atención - pues, al menos hasta hace poco, de todos modos. Y los que han sido vigilantes, todo el mundo se ríe. Es un poco deprimente.

Pero yo estaba actualizando mi perfil de Blogger, el otro día, y he cambiado de intereses para incluir la "liberty" y, como especie de un chiste, he añadido 'Libertad' y - que, por supuesto, es la 'liberty' en español. Y por alguna razón, cuando me di cuenta que era un enlace, se le hace clic y se crió otros bloggers que utilizan Libertad en sus intereses. Y así es como me encontré con el sitio de Martí: "Comunicación y Letras" Aviso: ella es de Argentina y si habla Inglés, que está teniendo que a sí misma. Sin embargo, Google hace un buen trabajo de traducción, si usted lo necesita.

Si tienes la oportunidad, visite buen dia;) Tal vez te ayudo, ya que me ayudó a poner las cosas en perspectiva. Después de todo, ¿de qué sirve una revolución sin baile?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Rick Santorum Creeps Me Out.

I swear, I was looking for a better word than creepy, and I guess if I come up with one, I'll change the title. That's probably why I'm not a writer :) But the guy reminds me of Greg Stillson from "The Dead Zone" by Stephen King. I read that book a long time ago, but the impression that I got from the Stillson character has lasted. And that guy is always played by Rick Santorum (google Santorum)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ron Paul and the Schadenfreude of the Left.

I wish I spoke German. It seems to me that those Germans have a word for everything. My all-time favorite word is "spannungsbogen", which, if Frank Herbert hasn't lied to me, means "span of the bow", or "the time between when you realize you want something and when you reach out to grab it." I suspect that's not a real meaning, but I like it all the same. (You gotta love the internet. It knows everything! ["Spannungsbogen!". Waff rolled the ancient word on his tongue: The span of the bow! How far back you draw the bow before releasing your arrow.])

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ron Paul being blamed for classless Huntsman video.

So there is a lot of chatter regarding the Jon Huntsman - Manchurian Candidate video. There's a somewhat fair piece over at CBS on the issue, including an update (why wasn't it included in the original?) stating "Though there is no evidence the Paul campaign is involved with the ad,...". Ron Paul has come out condemning the video.

Well, while reading the comments over at Politico, one of the commentors, named Joe Gennaro, pointed out some interesting evidence indicating that it was "likely that the video came from a source within or closely tied to the Huntsman Campaign". In addition to this report, someone at the Jon Huntsman forum bragged about doing it.

While the evidence is far from conclusive, it looks even more damning than the "NHLiberty4Paul" handle used to post it.

What I find even more reprehensible than the Huntsman campaign trying to smear RP, (after all, which candidate but Ron Paul is honourable?) is the lazy media reporting the video as if it were fact! How low can they go? It would appear the depths are being plumbed as you read this.

Ron Paul - Freedom, Peace and Prosperity in 2012!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ron Paul's New Hampshire Debate Performance

It was a pretty wide ranging debate, and I'm not sure that I saw anybody being a big loser. And, before I get into RP's performance, I'd like to recount just s few of my initial impressions.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iran Propaganda

You probably have a pretty good idea about how I feel about our current wars. But watching the Republican debates reminds me that the Neocons are still out there, and some of them are running for President, and may win.

So anyway – the gist of the Iran propaganda goes something like this:

  1. Ahmadinejad gave a speech threatening to “wipe Israel off the map”.
  2. Iran supports insurgents in Iraq. , and this from the evil CFR.
  3. Iran is developing nuclear weapons to achieve #1.
  4. Iran is a sponsor of terrorist.
  5. The Muslim caliphate will take over the world (this is more of a meme than a published idea).
Therefore, ipso facto, QED, we must bomb the hell out of them.