Thursday, June 7, 2012

Louie Gohmert Kisses Israel's Ass

I'm not a big fan of Israel's. I'm pretty sure that I'm not anti-semitic either, though anyone who doesn't profess their love of Israel will be accused of that. But what with the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty and the current Iran hysteria, we all have reason to dislike them. And I don't mean the Jewish people, I mean the people who run their government. Sort of like the people who hate America might really only hate the American government, and not necessarily the people.

All that having been said, I know that I don't live in Israel. I live in the United States of America. And if I were elected to the U.S. Congress, I'd know which people I represent. (Hint: I would not represent the people of Israel.)

While watching CSPAN the other day I was treated to a particularly disgusting display when I watched Texas' own Louie Gohmert figuratively kissing Israel's ass. I find it extremely uncomfortable to watch a grown man grovel. But to watch him grovel at the feet of a foreign power was truly disgusting.

This video is not for people with weak stomaches. In the video you'll see the honor-less Mr. Gohmert chastising President Obama for what is an apparently insufficient job of ass kissing. Mr. Gohmert shows us all how it is supposed to be done.

Now I don't like Mr. Obama any more than I liked Mr. Bush before him - or Mr. Clinton before him, or Mr. Bush before him or having a sharp stick shoved into my eye. If Mr. Gohmert was right or not is not the point here. The point is that Mr. Gohmert is chastising a sitting President for being insufficiently Pro-Israel.  And he does it PROUDLY, on live TV.

It's twisted.

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