Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ron Paul being blamed for classless Huntsman video.

So there is a lot of chatter regarding the Jon Huntsman - Manchurian Candidate video. There's a somewhat fair piece over at CBS on the issue, including an update (why wasn't it included in the original?) stating "Though there is no evidence the Paul campaign is involved with the ad,...". Ron Paul has come out condemning the video.

Well, while reading the comments over at Politico, one of the commentors, named Joe Gennaro, pointed out some interesting evidence indicating that it was "likely that the video came from a source within or closely tied to the Huntsman Campaign". In addition to this report, someone at the Jon Huntsman forum bragged about doing it.

While the evidence is far from conclusive, it looks even more damning than the "NHLiberty4Paul" handle used to post it.

What I find even more reprehensible than the Huntsman campaign trying to smear RP, (after all, which candidate but Ron Paul is honourable?) is the lazy media reporting the video as if it were fact! How low can they go? It would appear the depths are being plumbed as you read this.

Ron Paul - Freedom, Peace and Prosperity in 2012!

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