Monday, January 30, 2012

Ron Paul at the Renaissance Denver Hotel

Tomorrow at 12:00 to 1:00 P.M. I'll be there and I'll try to get video. I'm pretty sure I know what he's going to say, but I don't mind hearing it again. I just hope it's not too crowded. Ron Paul Rocks!

UPDATE: Video embedded -
So I went, and they say there were over 1000 people there. While it's not like I counted them, there were a bunch, but my estimate would have been 1/2 of that. All the chairs were filled, and people were standing everywhere.

As for the speech, it was standard Ron Paul fare. And if you like that kind of thing, which I sure do, it scratched ya' where ya' itch. He hit all his good/strong points: End the wars, end the Fed, lower taxes, non-interventionist policies (both foreign and domestic) and long live the Free Market!

I brought a young friend with me. His folks are both Mexican, and we were laughing about the dearth of dark-skinned people there. It was mostly white, there's just no arguing that. I wonder what we need to do to get a more diverse clientele for the limited government, free market, individual liberty and personal responsibility menu that Ron cooks from.

From what he told me, he dug it, said it gave him goosebumps. Yeah, me too.

Here's the video I took. I was pretty far away, using my MP3 player to record the video. All this is my way of saying that it's really crappy video, but the audio is ok.

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